Proactive Tax Planning 1 of 6

The Concept of the Four Tax Buckets No one wants to pay more than his or her fair share in taxes. Yet few have a good understanding of how their savings will be taxed over time. A good way to gain a basic understanding is to consider the concept of the four tax buckets. The… Continue reading Proactive Tax Planning 1 of 6


Cleaning Out Your Financial Garage

I cleaned out my garage last weekend. I tend to accumulate things I don’t need or don’t often use. I pile up things that should just be thrown away. I stack tools on my shelves instead of putting them back where I got them. Instead of taking an extra minute or two out of my… Continue reading Cleaning Out Your Financial Garage

Nearing Retirement, Retirement Planning

6 Considerations for Pension Election

Lots of baby boomers are hitting retirement age. And with retirement come some pretty big irrevocable decisions. One of which may be how to elect a pension. Now let me be clear. Not everyone has a pension. In fact, fewer and fewer people do as fewer and fewer companies offer them. But if you do… Continue reading 6 Considerations for Pension Election


ABC’s of Financial Planning

Last week we discussed some common financial planning mistakes that even financially conscientious people make. With as complicated as our financial lives can be, it’s understandable that we sometimes lose focus on the main parts of our plan and simple things end up slipping through the cracks. When you find that happening, take a step… Continue reading ABC’s of Financial Planning


5 Common Planning Mistakes You Can Easily Fix

Sometimes progress is as much about knowing what NOT to do, as it is about figuring out what to do. The path to growing wealth takes some basic building blocks, but it also requires avoiding certain mistakes along the way.  You may not think a lot about it, but small missteps can have big, negative… Continue reading 5 Common Planning Mistakes You Can Easily Fix