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Financially Sandwiched Generation

For some of my clients, the “accumulation years” (namely the years just before retirement) have become a time of financial hemorrhage. Sandwiched between adult children seeking (multiple?) degrees or grounded by a lack of available jobs and aging parents needing care and support, these clients are finding themselves having to keep multiple generations afloat, often… Continue reading Financially Sandwiched Generation

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Reflections On Haas Financial Groups’ 6th Birthday

It’s hard for me to believe that Haas Financial Group is turning six years old today.  Birthdays have a way of forcing reflection, don’t they? “Where did the time go?” “Did I accomplish everything I thought I could?” “If I knew then what I know now, what would I have done differently?” As I think… Continue reading Reflections On Haas Financial Groups’ 6th Birthday


Lessons From Ruby: Raising Charitable (Grand)kids

If you watch Good Morning America regularly1, or are an avid Facebook user, you may have stumbled across Ruby Kate Chitsey by now. Her story has gone a bit viral. Ruby is an amazing 11-year old whose story connected deeply with me, not just because I also have an almost 11-year old, but because I’m willing to bet Ruby’s generosity was a learned… Continue reading Lessons From Ruby: Raising Charitable (Grand)kids